We’re Compliments of the House, a registered food redistribution charity that collects fresh, surplus food and gives it to people in need.

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis

With London experiencing a lockdown, many community services that once provided food to those in need have now closed and many food banks are running desperately low on supplies, so there’s never been more need for what we do. But because our hubs and many of our donor businesses are closed due to the need to follow the guidelines recommended by The Government we have had to adapt how we deliver our service as our guests (we call those who visit our service guests) are unable to visit our hubs to collect the food they so desperately need…so we have decided to take Compliments of The House to them!

Instead of solely collecting surplus donated food and giving it out to those in need, we now also buy food ourselves and deliver it to vulnerable people every fortnight to ensure that we are able to meet the ever growing need of those using our grassroots and frontline service. Our food packages include items such as fruit and vegetables, meat, meat alternatives, fish, eggs and cheese to offer a nutritious and balanced diet. We also provide pet food should they need it!

We now take referrals from local organisations including the social services, community groups and other charities who are also supporting those in need within our community so with their help we know that we are reaching the right people. We also tailor each food and toiletries package to suit our guests nutritional needs and religious requirements.

To do this we need your help

Keeping this vital service going costs time and money. To help us, you can:

  • Donate on our JustGiving page or setup a monthly donation (each food package we make costs £40 and lasts over 2 weeks)
  • Email us if you’d like to volunteer your time, or give us any spare dried or tinned food.

We nourish people through food

We’re Compliments of the House, a registered charity that collects fresh, surplus food and gives it to people in need.

What we do

We nourish our guests with food, but we also nourish them through food – improving their mental and physical wellbeing and helping them into work.

We do this by

Creating safe, fun and inviting hubs that give a warm welcome to everyone.

Offering volunteer opportunities so our guests can learn new skills.

Arranging work placements with the businesses that give us food and signposting people to services that can help them.

Our vision

Is a HUNGER AND WASTE FREE BRITAIN where people are not held back because they cannot afford to eat

Our purpose
is to nourish people through food​.

Our values

Six founding principles that underpin everything we do.

Community love

“Together we create a community! No, scrap that… We build community love.”
We aren’t just a one-stop-shop for food and other supplies. We’re a place to be emotionally nourished and make new connections.


“We treat people with dignity and respect… always!”
For us, dignity is about having choice. Our guests can choose from a range of fresh food every day. And it’s all restaurant-quality.


“Being efficient is our… thing!”
Waste not want not and all that. And when we say all, we mean clothes, bedding and toiletries as well as food. (Oh, and time and money, of course.) By cutting waste we respect the environment as well as our guests.


“Why give someone a hand out when you can give them a hand up?”
We honestly do operate on a hand-up not hand-out basis. We’re all about helping people to move forward in their lives by giving them access to work placements. We empower them to provide for themselves on a long term basis.


“We ARE fun.”
Everything we do is centred around a positive vibe. Our work isn’t a chore – we positively enjoy and love what we do. For us it’s a way of life.


“Judgement really isn’t our thing. Inclusivity is.”
Anyone may come and partake of our bounty as long as they are in need. We don’t turn away anyone who may need our help.

How it works

Food + love = opportunity

We’re building a sustainable community fuelled by love, a passion for being smart with the planet’s resources and a shared belief that we can all give a hand up to someone who needs it.

So how do we do it? We take surplus food from our Houses (food donors) and bring it to share with our CoTH community at our Hubs. So people who can’t afford to buy food can connect over tasty meals.

The food is collected and served by our CoTH Volunteers. Some of them are guests who we’ve trained to be part of our team. Once they’re ready to go back to work, we arrange 12-week, part-time placements for them with our food partners. If it’s a good fit, it can turn into a permanent job.

We call this process a circle of efficiency.

We collect surplus food

We’ve built relationships with local food donors, from cafes to supermarkets

We nourish with food

We run hubs that offer food, drink and companionship

We nourish through food

We get to know what our guests need beyond food: work placements, debt management support, mental health support… And we work with them to make it happen

How can you help?

We are a volunteer led charity and need your help & support! Do you have food, premises, time or money to donate, or would like to become a patron?.

Donate food

We are a distribution hub but…

Without the pioneering food suppliers who support Compliments of the House with their surplus and still deliciously nutritious food that we are able to hand out it would be nothing but a beautiful concept that an over keen backpacker wanted to bring Home to London.

Contact us if you would like to become a food partner or have premises we can utilise as a hub.

Join our team

We always need amazing volunteers that are willing to donate some of their time to help with office admin, fundraising or to help us by collecting, sorting and redistributing the nutritious food we supply to our guests from our hubs.

We also have specialist befriending roles as many of our guests just need a chat.

Contact us to become apart of our community and to meet other like minded volunteers.

Can’t donate food or time?

Our aim is to have at least one hub in every London borough and we need your support! You can do this by doing aa fundraising event or simply by making a donation to help us to achieve our goals.

Alternatively you can donate to our JustGiving Covid-19 Response Campaign or setup a monthly direct debit for £40 to by food shopping.