We nourish people through food.

Free food for those in need!

We will be giving out FOR FREE amazing surplus food from quality restaurants to those in need. Tuesday - Friday, 7pm-9pm in 14D Market Row, Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LD

Our Mission

Our Mission is to save and redistribute for free all of the incredibly delicious and nutritious food that would otherwise go to landfill whilst serving it with a smile and fostering a community environment. Unlike a soup kitchen it is not needs based because here at Compliments of the House we believe that we are all able to make a positive impact with regards to cutting down food waste. It is however first come first served so anyone and we mean anyone can join us on our mission to cut food waste and enjoy our food.

Every year

Our Vision

Due to the sheer size of London and the brisk pace at which we are often forced to live our lives, London can sometimes feel very cold and sterile. Our vision is to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming community orientated space where we are on a first name basis with those that regularly stop by whilst welcoming new faces and hoping to see them again. We will take the time to listen, include and never judge those that visit “our House” as we believe being recognised, heard and acknowledged is the most integral part of any journey towards happiness and hope.

It's a Movement

Since 2010 The Free Store in Wellington (New Zealand) has pioneered an innovative model of retail food redistribution, ensuring that quality surplus food isn’t wasted and that people in their neighbourhood do not go hungry.

Using converted shopping trolleys and a 100% electric van they collect freshly made surplus food from over 70 eateries during the afternoon and directly feed 120+ people when the doors open at 6pm. They operate ‘off the grid’ from a converted shipping container as they attempt to minimise operational costs at every turn.

Customers at the store come from all walks of life including the homeless, the elderly, students, refugee and immigrant families, wandering travellers, the unemployed and those suffering physical and mental distress. Annually The Free Store redistributes $3.5m worth of food, with this figure growing every year. The Wellington prototype has proven so effective and sustainable that 9 new stores have opened throughout New Zealand over the last 8 years, with the movement now spreading beyond their shores to the world.

Every year

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If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of our work from volunteering, to donating – or if you would like to find out how and where you can find us .